About the Network

In the beginning of 2017, in response to new enforcement policies at the national level, a group of immigration and civil rights advocates began working together to create a network to respond to immigration enforcement actions in Northern California. The network’s goal is to provide support to every community within the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Immigration Court – from Bakersfield to the Oregon border — to protect individuals’ due process rights and keep families together.

There are three main components of this network:

  1. Community outreach, education, legal observation, and support at the local level,
  2. An intake system to report the arrests of community members by immigration authorities
  3. A coordinated network of attorneys to provide emergency pro bono legal assistance and longer term representation.


  1. To provide effective legal assistance to individuals targeted by enforcement actions,
  2. To provide education and support for families and communities
  3. To collect information about enforcement actions in order to pursue policy changes and impact litigation.

Legal organizations who are interested in collaborating or sharing information with the Network can contact us for more information.

Get involved:  Visit the Volunteer page or contact us.