About the Network

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In the beginning of 2017, in response to new enforcement policies at the national level, a group of immigration and civil rights advocates began working together to support and connect existing local rapid response networks in order to respond to immigration enforcement actions in a coordinated and streamlined way in Northern California. The goal of the Northern California Rapid Response & Immigrant Defense Network (NCCRIDN) is to provide support to every community within the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Immigration Court – from Bakersfield to the Oregon border —in order to protect individuals’ due process rights and with the goal of keeping families together.

The NCRRIDN is the first immigration enforcement response effort of its kind in the Bay Area, in California, and in the nation. It is an innovative collaborative effort by immigration and civil rights advocates and community and grassroots organizers to respond to immigration enforcement actions in Northern California, the Central Coast, and the Central Valley. The Network draws on the tremendous power of grassroots community organizers, unions, faith-based organizations, and committed non-profit legal service providers as well as the private bar. The collaborative is inclusive, reaching local networks, organizers, and legal service providers in over 19 counties, ranging from the Central Valley to the Central Coast to San Francisco and the East Bay, to the North Bay and beyond.

The NCRRIDN is a collaborative made up of more than a dozen legal service agencies across Northern California and the Central Valley. The Steering Committee for the NCRRIDN has ten members, each from an organization, collaborative, or network focused on defending the rights of immigrants. The diversity and breadth of the Steering Committee reflects the diversity and expansive scope of the network as a whole, in terms of its geographical range and the expertise of its members, with half of its members being attorneys and half experts in other related fields.

The Steering Committee of NCRRN includes:

  • Lisa Weissman-Ward, Stanford Law School Immigrants’ Rights Clinic
  • Angélica Salceda, ACLU of Northern California
  • Eleni Wolfe-Roubatis, Centro Legal de la Raza/Alameda County Legal and Education Partnership (ACILEP)
  • Hamid Yazdan Panah, Justice and Diversity Center of The Bar Association of San Francisco
  • Marisela Esparza, Dolores Street Community Services/San Francisco Immigrant Education Network (SFILEN)
  • Jesus Martinez, Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative
  • Adriana Melgoza, Watsonville Law Center
  • Mariam Kelly, Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto
  • Lucia Martel-Dow, Canal Alliance
  • Janeth Rodriguez, SEIU Local 1000, Sacramento.

There are three main components of this network:

  1. Community outreach, education, legal observation, and support at the local level,
  2. An intake system to report the arrests of community members by immigration authorities
  3. A coordinated network of attorneys to provide emergency pro bono legal assistance and longer term representation.


  1. To provide effective legal assistance to individuals targeted by enforcement actions,
  2. To provide education and support for families and communities
  3. To collect information about enforcement actions in order to pursue policy changes and impact litigation.

Legal organizations who are interested in collaborating or sharing information with the Network can contact us for more information.

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