What is the Northern California Rapid Response Network?
The Northern California Rapid Immigration Response Network is a collaborative effort by immigration and civil rights advocates to respond to immigration enforcement actions in Northern California. The Network’s goal is to provide support to every community within the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Immigration Court – from Bakersfield to the Oregon border – to protect individuals’ due process rights and keep families together.

Please visit the About section of our site to find out about the networks goals and components.  As of now the NCRRN does not have a direct hotline for rapid response, nor does it have a full time staff. The NCRRN is currently exploring opportunities for development and funding, but hopes to serve as a resource and platform for coordination and communication for local rapid response networks and community based organizations during this period. 

Can the NCRRN provide attorney activation and long term representation?
The network hopes to serve as a platform for discussion and cooperation on the issue of rapid response, between local networks, community based organizations and other stakeholders. This includes coordinating response to enforcement actions, raids and visits to individuals in detention.  If you are interested in finding out about the various sub-committee meetings held by the network please contact the NCRRN coordinator Hamid Yazdan Panah at hpanah at sfbar.org.

As of now the NCRRN is unable to guarantee attorney activation and remains dependent on the assistance and cooperation of volunteers and local networks. Please consult our 
Network Activation and Assistance page for a description of our short term attorney activation protocol in the event of ICE raids.  

How can I start a local Rapid Response Network?
If you are interested in starting a rapid response network please check our materials page to access a collection of documents about starting a rapid response network.

How can I get involved with the NCRRN?
If you are an attorney interested in volunteering please fill out our volunteer attorney survey, and explore our volunteer attorney menu to understand the opportunities offered by this network. The network also has a list of training’s for volunteers which can be found here. At this time the NCRRN encourages volunteers to find a way to get involved with the local rapid response networks in their area. You can find a list of local networks in Northern California here. If you are interested in being added to the NCRRN list serv please contact the NCRRN coordinator Hamid Yazdan Panah at hpanah at sfbar.org.