Welcome to the Northern California Rapid Immigration Response Network website, hosted and operated by the Justice & Diversity Center of The Bar Association of San Francisco.

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The Northern California Rapid Immigration Response Network is a collaborative effort by immigration and civil rights advocates to respond to immigration enforcement actions in Northern California. The Network’s goal is to provide support to every community within the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Immigration Court – from Bakersfield to the Oregon border – to protect individuals’ due process rights and keep families together.

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The Rapid Response network is undertaking a volunteer survey at this time to assess the volunteer resources and interest available for the development of a regional rapid response program.  We have an initial plan for a rapid response network that will be refined based on the results to this survey. Responding to this survey does not obligate you to undertake any particular responsibility at this time. The results will allow us to develop the structure of the rapid response in light of the actual skills, capacity and needs of volunteers.