Rapid Response Convening Materials

These materials were compiled for the  May 24, 2017 Northern California Rapid Response Convening. They were intended to be used for informational and educational purposes for organizations involved in rapid response efforts in the Bay Area.

Inquiries about specific materials should be directed to the organizations that produced them. Please note that these materials were up to date as of May 2017 but may need updating based on ongoing changes to the law. If you would like to update any of these materials listed here please send an email to hpanah at sfbar.org

Index of materials currently available:

1. Immigrant Legal Resource Center (“ILRC”) Know Your Rights (“KYR”) Skit, in Spanish, shared by Ariel Brown of the ILRC

2. Santa Clara County Family Preparedness Plan and What to Know About Immigration
Raids, shared by Milina Jovanovic of the SCC Office of Immigrant Relations

3. San Francisco Immigrant and Legal and Education Network (“SFILEN”) Materials, shared by Marisela Esparza of Dolores Street Community Services, all available in English & Spanish
a. Deportations & Detentions KYR Pamphlet
Spanish  and English 

b. SFILEN Emergency Toolkit 2017, containing information about immigration status, rights when encountering the authorities, and family emergency preparedness
Spanish and English 

c. SFILEN Flyer Report ICE if ICE Approaches You or Your Home with hotline number
Spanish and English

4. Sacramento Immigration Coalition Report ICE Flyer,  shared by Janeth Rodriguez of SEIU Local 1000
Spanish and English  (in one PDF)

5. Services Immigrant Rights & Education Network (“SIREN”) Materials, shared by Erica Leyva of SIREN

a. SIREN Report ICE Flyer in English and Spanish
b. SIREN Red Card in English and Spanish (in one PDF)

6. Alameda County Immigration Legal & Education Partnership (“ACILEP”)Flyer – Shared by Malena Mayorga of Mujeres Unidas
a. Available in English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Arabic, French

7. TRUTH Act Palm Cards, Shared by Saira Hussein of Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus
Containing KYR information on the TRUST Act, TRUTH Act, and ICE Out of California
Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Tagalog, Korean, and Mixteco.

8. Red Cards for Santa Cruz County 
Shared by Mireya Gomez-Contreras Employment Programs Director – Day Worker Center/ALCANCE
a. In English and Spanish (in one PDF)

9. Justice & Diversity Center  of the Bar Association of San Francisco (“JDC”) Materials, shared by Avantika Shastri & Valerie Zukin of the JDC. Materials prepared by the JDC on behalf of the San Francisco Immigrant Legal Defense Collaborative (SFILDC) and The Northern California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice (NCCIJ).
a. JDC Emergency Rapid Response Packet, containing: Emergency Response (Including the materials below)
Procedures at ICE Office, Emergency Legal Analysis, List of Recommended
Emergency Response Materials, List of Templates and the following Templates:
i. ICE Release request
ii. ICE Notice of withdrawal of signature
iii. ICE Challenging Summary Removal Procedures and request for CFI/RFI
iv. EOIR Request for bond hearing, proposed order, proof of service
v. Request for stay
vi. Ninth Circuit Petition for review of order of reinstatement
vii. Ninth Circuit Motion for Leave to Proceed in Forma Pauperis
viii. Ninth Circuit Motion for Appointment of Counsel
ix. Ninth Circuit Motion for Stay of Removal
x. Ninth Circuit Certificate of Service
xi. Information Regarding Related Ninth Circuit and National Immigration
Project Templates
b. JDC Rapid Response Intake

10. SFILDC Limited Legal Services Contract
a. In both English and Spanish Shared by Avantika Shastri of the JDC

11. Know Your Resources Shared by Brandi Campbell, Chief of Staff in the Office of Mayor Jesse Arreguin in the City of
In both English and Spanish