The Northern California Rapid Response & Immigrant Defense Network (NCRRIDN)is in the process of compiling materials to be shared with local rapid response networks.  Please find a selection of those materials below and check back for future updates as we continue to compile and share resources.

For training information and materials please visit the training section of our website.

Introductory Materials 

San Francisco Rapid Response Network: Lessons Learned and Best Practices – This recording provides a review of San Francisco’s rapid response program, including a discussion of lessons learned and best practices.

Flyer With Local Rapid Response Hotline Numbers  A list of Emergency Hotline numbers for local networks in Northern California

Rapid Response Convening Materials -A selection of materials related to rapid response compiled for a May 2017 convening. This link includes Know Your Rights (KYR) materials in addition to the KYR materials listed below.

Rapid Response Volunteer Menu – An overview of the various opportunities for attorneys interested in volunteer opportunities

Red Cards– The ILRC’s Red Cards help people assert their rights and defend themselves in many situations, such as when ICE agents go to a home.

Resources To Prepare for Raids and Other Immigration Enforcement Actions (By ILRC, AILA and others)

AILA Chapter Raid Preparation Plan (AILA)

From Raids to Deportation: A Community Resource Kit (National Immigration Project of the NLG)

Community Raid Preparedness Checklist (Fair Immigration Reform Movement)

Community Resources for Immigrants (ILRC December 2017)

California Laws Passed in 2017 Pertaining to Immigrants (ILRC December 2017)

Local Options for Protecting ImmigrantsA Collection of City and County Policies  (ILRC)

Know Your Rights Materials 

What to Do if ICE Stops You in the Street or in a Public Place  (NDLON)

Que hacer si Inmigracion (ICE) le Para en la Calle o en un Lugar Publico (Spanish Flyer) (NDLON)

Know Your Rights (Bilingual Flyer) (UFW Foundation)

Know Your Rights and What Immigrant Families Should Do Now    (ILRC April 2017, Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese)

Know Your Rights: A Guide to Your Rights When Interacting with Law Enforcement (Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Available in AmharicArabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, Haitian Creole, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese)

Rights of Lawful Permanent Residents (ILRC March 2017) (available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic)

What to do if you are an immigrant stopped by law enforcement agents (ACLU)

English | (Arabic) العَرَبِيَّة‎ | 中文(简) (Chinese) | Creole
فارسی (Farsi) | Français (French) | Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)

한국어 (Korean) | Português (Portuguese) | Soomaali (Somali)

Español (Spanish) | Tagalog | (Urdu) اُردُو‎ | Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Workplace Enforcement 

AILA Chapters Workplace Raids Action Plan (AILA)

Workplace Raids: Workers’ Rights Fact Sheet English (Legal Aid at work)

Workplace Raids: Workers’ Rights Fact Sheet Spanish (Legal Aid at work)

Workplace Raids: Workers’ Rights Fact Sheet  Chinese(Legal Aid at work)

Employer Know Your Rights: ICE Raids, I-9 Audits & Succession Planning (Power Point by Portland, Salem, Woodburn
Raid Rapid Response Network )

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS A Guide for California Employers (ILRC August 2017)

What To Do If Immigration Comes To Your Workplace  (NELP, NILC 2017)

Workplace Raids: Employer Rights and Responsibilities(Legal Aid at Work, Summer 2017)

Workplace Raids: Employer Rights and Responsibilities -Spanish (Legal Aid at Work, Summer 2017)

Workplace Raids: Employer Rights and Responsibilities Chinese (Legal Aid at Work, Summer 2017)

Know Your Rights: A Guide to Workplace Rights for Immigrants (Catholic Legal Immigration Network, available in English and Spanish)


Health Care

Health Care Providers and Immigration Enforcement (NILC April 2017)



Family Preparedness Planning in California (ILRC June 2017)

Family Preparedness Plan  Plan de Preparación Familiar  (ILRC,  March 2017, available in Engish, Spanish, and Chinese)

Creating a family immigration raid emergency plan  (American Federation of Teachers)


Public Schools & Education

Protecting Undocumented and Vulnerable Students (Stanford Law School, June 2017)

Help for Immigrants: Guidance for Schools (ILRC)

Know Your Rights Flyer – (Education) Immigrants and the threat of deportation. Also in Spanish.  (American Federation of Teachers)

Rights of Immigrant and Undocumented Children to Attend K-12 Public School (Power Point by the Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights)

Immigrant and Refugee Children (A Guide for Educators and School Support Staff By United We Dream’s Dream Educational Empowerment Program, the National Immigration Law Center, First Focus and theAmerican Federation of Teachers)

Information on the Rights of All Children to Enroll in School: Questions and Answers for States, School Districts and Parents (May 2014 Guide by the DOJ and DOE)

Resource Guide: Supporting Undocumented Youth (DOE, 2015)

How Educators and Communities Can Reduce the Fear of Deportation among Unauthorized Students and Families (Center for American Progress)


Video Training Series by Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

English Videos

Know Your Rights – Agency Protocol
Know Your Rights – Workplace 
Know Your Rights – Police Stop
Know Your Rights – Front Door

Spanish Videos

Know Your Rights – Agency Protocol
Know Your Rights – Workplace 
Know Your Rights – Police Stop
Know Your Rights – Front Door

VIDEO – Immigrants’ Rights: What to do if stopped (ACLU)

Links to non-English versions can be found below.

(Arabic) العَرَبِيَّة‎‎ | فارسی (Farsi)  | Español (Spanish) | (Urdu) اُردُو‎